Our delicious past:

Soho in Ottakring

As part of the Soho in Ottakring Festival we set up a stand and cooked our unique wrap, the ‘Schnibouleh’, an Austrian-Syrian inspired fusion. Additionally, we sweetened the mood with some ‘Griaß di’ Coconut Delight’ cake.


Verein Respekt.net in the Grelle Forelle

The annual award ceremony for Verein Respekt.net, hosted at the Grelle Forelle, was catered with delicious finger food by SKC. Dishes included, our classic, the ‘Schnibouleh’, our vegan ‘Boom Boom balls’, amongst other unique finger food creations.


Ritsona: Eine Europäische Realität

For the opening of the ‘Ritsona: Eine Europäische Realität’ exhibition, raising funds for refugees living at Ritsona Camp, Greece, the Social Kitchen Club provided a variety of finger-food. These included, different dips, Zabatula’s meatballs and various vegetarian options.


Private Evenings

We provide a selection finger-food and a grand buffet for private parties. Your wish is our command!


Foodie Evenings

SKC hosts monthly cooking evenings, where we cook, eat, and get inspired, creating unique dishes. The more the merrier!