Where Syria meets Austria. A crispy chicken Schnitzel in sesame crust, flavorful Tabouleh, and the SKC tahini sauce enveloped in warm mouthwatering Arabic pita bread.


La Yansaa

This unforgettable wrap will keep your mouth watering for days. Enough said.


All the veggie lovers out there will go absolutely nuts! Soft, honey-roasted cheese, fresh green salad with a nutty-chilli dressing and a duet of avo-mango will make you want to tango!


Sevals Boom Boom Balls
Spicy seasoned Armenian lentil-bulgur balls placed in a fresh salad leaf, drizzled with a yoghurt dill sauce that will make your heart skip a beat.


Zabetula’s Meatballs
Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside - just as they should be. We add a unique twist to the Greek meatball, garnishing it with a sliced date. Accompanying it is a minty Tzatziki sauce.


Tammams Matcha kisses
Coconut can’t live without matcha – and you cant live without those kisses. Probably the most unexpected bite of deliciousness you’ve ever had.


Grias di Cocount Delight
Not just your average coconut cake, but the fluffiest most scrumptious cake you’ve ever had. Careful, it’s highly addictive.


SKC Dips
Avocado, melanzani, you name it. All our unique dips are accompanied with our crispy homemade pita chips.